The Narratee by Amanda Butterworth & Saskia Overzee

Last year Amanda and Saskia simultaneously found a box “in the attic”. Saskia encountered a box filled with postcards, letters, slides and pictures from her dad Jan who died in 2017. Amanda found a box filled with slides, logbooks and snapshots of unfamiliar faces from her dad Brian who died in 1994 when she was only 14 years old. Saskia had her father around for a long time, Amanda on the other hand for a short time. Still both knew so little about the time before they were born.
“What was he like? What did he do? We both remember fragments of stories and with all that material we started to make a story. The story remains unknown.”

The publication consists of two untold stories and thus two books that can be read simultaneously. The stories are very different yet sometimes look strangely the same.

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