Oh fatche by Camille Carbonaro

Oh fatche is a reconstruction of a father’s memory, an excursion into his recollections, a reinterpretation of his youth, a photographic reconciliation. Through the reappropriation of family and anonymous archives, this project plays at shaping a memory, a paternal model, a man lost in his family secrets and forgotten origins. Oh fatche is the first publication of the collection Baleine Blanche published by Macaronibook. The Baleine Blanche collection is a wish to bring together artists who work on the paternal figure, who shape, who excavate, who search for an image of their father, an image of the father, an ideal.

Où étaient les souvenirs purs ?
Il n’y a pas de souvenirs.
C’est une autre vie revécue par une autre personnalité.

(Boris Vian)

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